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    Sorry fellas, but I can't let it die


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    Sorry fellas, but I can't let it die

    Post by Old#15 on Sun 12 Oct 2014 - 10:04


    The league's effort in sweeping this under the rug to preserve its' 'integrity', not at all surprising in light of the Ray Rice cover-up. The fact that Belichick is considered a coaching genius and Brady a HOF QB bugs me to no end. Their 10 year unimpeded run, knowing their opponents defensive signals and the ability to communicate right up to the snap (league rules state that communication is cut-off a full 15 seconds before snap) with the QB, should be reason to take back the 3 Super Bowl's and any accomplishments that Brady achieved.
    Read the book as I did and you will be just as pissed as me.
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    Re: Sorry fellas, but I can't let it die

    Post by The Wicker Man on Sun 12 Oct 2014 - 10:47

    Grote, uou had to go and get me all fired up!!! Man, I hate them.

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