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    Motivation - We need it..... Listen to the link at the end


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    Motivation - We need it..... Listen to the link at the end

    Post by lnap23 on Tue 30 Sep 2014 - 13:59

    I posted this in response to someone on the old board... But feel it needs to be here too!!

    I am big believer that negative begets Negative and Positive begets Positive..

    We perpetuate the SOJ the media spews.....

    It's a self fulfilling prophecy......The media will say we are the Same old Jets..... the team hits adversity and the fans say here comes the Same Old Jets....The Jets, with zero fan support, continue playing poorly and the world says told ya.... Same Old Jets....

    When we the fans stand behind, and support, and cheer on OUR TEAM, things will change..... This team and franchise isn't cursed....IT IS US THE FANS THAT CURSE THIS TEAM.......

    Not one sports fan can argue momentum in a game isn't a real thing..... We must get our players jacked... we are the blood running through the veins of this team.... We are the adrenaline to super charge this team come game time and when this team needs a spark in a close game and we are behind by less than 1 score, it is up to us to give OUR TEAM a shot in the arm to get them over that hump!!!!


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