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    EX Jets playing where ?


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    EX Jets playing where ?

    Post by cysporsche on Wed 8 Oct 2014 - 11:50

    Just for fun, pick only one EX Jet player @ a time, and tell us where they are playing, and their current status ?

    I'll pick William Campbell G who was just signed to the Bills Practice Squad.

    He was an All American DT in H.S. & @ Michigan, when we drafted in the 6th round and switched him to guard. While going through the switch, we for some reason put him on our 53 instead of our P.S. which makes no sense ? Another failed draft choice playing somewhere else.

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    Re: EX Jets playing where ?

    Post by The Wicker Man on Wed 8 Oct 2014 - 14:31

    Drew Coleman-CB-6th rd draft pick in '06. Currently a free agent after being released by the Lions in '12.

    This dude would get burned a lot and every once in a while he'd make a great play and I would like him for about 5 minutes.
    I just remember Jetman83 loving this guy like he was the second coming of Mike Haynes. scratch

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