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    Forum Rules

    Post by MachinaVerde on Thu 4 Sep 2014 - 12:15


    NO Personal Insults!!!
    NO Foul Language (Trying to circumvent the profanity filter using a $ or other misspellings is considered the same as actually typing that word. )
    NO Harrassing or threatening others
    NO Spamming
    NO Starting multiple threads on same topic. Use existing threads.
    NO Inappropriate content (adult content)

    Making duplicate names so you can harass, cause trouble with/for people you disagree with is prohibited. Making duplicate names so it appears you are verbally ganging up on people or trying to make it appear people are taking your side against any individual is ground for an immediate ban. We are adults, so if this happens no explanation is needed you will be banned.  (And yes we can find out if your doing this, the site does have certain security measures in place).

    If you have a question as to whether something you are doing is against the rules, THEN DON'T do it. If the Admin/Moderators tell you that something is against the rules it is in their discretion and interpretation of the rules by which the issue will be dealt with, NOT YOURS. Verbally disagreeing with then publicly on the boards because you don't agree with them is not allowed and should never happen. That is a direct violation of the rules. Contact them in private and they will discuss it with you for a reasonable amount of time. Everyday is not reasonable. One or two notes TOTAL concerning the matter is. Admin/Moderators are busy with other members of the site and they have lives beyond the site as well. Most notes will be answered within 72 hours.

    Please note: handling the situation in Private does not circumvent the rules. The rules apply to this site whether you are public or private. Verbally harassing, disrespecting. threatening anyone in private will get you immediately banned without warning. Please note again that it is is the Admin and/or Moderators interpretation & discretion of the rules and not yours whether you are in violation of the rules and TOS.

    If an Admin or Moderator edits your post, going back and posting the same thing again is cause for an immediate ban without warning. Changing a word or a sentence may not change the tone of your post and you could still be banned without warning. If you think its against the rules, contact a moderator before posting. Think before you post.

    Use the smack forum (Click AIR IT OUT ) to go wild or risk being banned.

    We have no time to educate everyone, so READ THE RULES.

    Rule violators can... and probably WILL be banned without warning. (We refer to them as educational vacations.  Be forewarned. Don't complain, just play nice. You will typically get an explanation of the rule(s) you violated.
    Egregious violations will get you a permanent ban.

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