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    HYATT™: Week 3 in review

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    HYATT™: Week 3 in review

    Post by HYATT™ on Tue 23 Sep 2014 - 21:47

    Because of the JI invasion on Scout, HYATT™️ is going to try something a little different over here.
    At the risk of repeating hisself, if y'all will bear with him, HYATT™️ would like to try and address a number of issues cropping up this week over there - by re-posting a series of replies HYATT™️ has made to issues raised over on Scout this week.

    So, without any further ado, here we go.

    A word of explanation to start the first one off.
    A JI poster started in on HYATT™️, saying HYATT™️ had no business, as a Packers fan, to be telling Jets fans how they should feel about the recent losses.
    This was HYATT™️'s reply.
    FISHOOKED wrote:

    Cry me a river on your Packers woes. 

    Sorry, but your house is divided & diluted.  I can barely think of anyone that lives and dies with TWO NFL teams.
    Most true NFL fans only have one true allegiance.
    This sentiment is EXACTLY why YOU have no right to judge HYATT™️.


    It isn't about the Packers, or the Jets, it's about watching the best 8 in 10,000 college upperclassmen every year transform into unforgettable moments in NFL history & create Legends that will live with them right into their induction into Canton & beyond - and with HYATT™️, right into his grave.

    HYATT™️'s house is NOT divided by petty team jersey worship.
    HYATT™️, as a fan, owes allegiance to one thing and one thing only - the BEST of the BEST Professional Football - and the BEST Professional Sport - ON EARTH!
    If that's not "partisan" enough for you, it's YOUR loss, not HYATT™️'s.

    If you can't revel in the Greatness that was Walter  "Sweetness" Payton, (particularly vexing because Sweetness played for HYATT™️'s most-hated CHI team), Johnny U, Otto Graham, Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, Don Hutson, Brett Freakin' Favre, Randy Moss, Joe Montana, Mean Joe Green, "Wrong Way" Jim Marshall, or the Brothers Matthews - because they didn't wear a G&W jersey - that's YOUR loss, not HYATT™️'s.

    A recent "favorite" poster on scout, should be familiar to most of you - JETSRepulsion.
    JETRepulsion wrote:
    Bavarian9 wrote:
    I want to see form you a list of moves that you would've made to make this team so much more equipped for success for this season.  Keep in mind, as a GM, you are also looking to the future towards sustained winning unlike TBaum. 
    And here's a challenge for you: try actually suggesting mvoes that would help the team instead of crying like a frickin' 5-year old who had his toy taken away.  You're a disgrace and your parents would be repulsed with your behavior.
    Kelvin Benjamin instead of Pryor. That simple. We needed a big time wr (even with the addition of decker) more than a big time saftey. Also, he needed to sign a fa cb and didn't. He just blew it. Look at where we are now? A cb and a wr away from being really good. 12 draft picks? Most of them aren't even on the team or are out for the year. What a waste.
    JETR, was there ANYONE on this board who was more pumped than HYATT™️ about drafting Kelvin Benjamin - before the draft?

    EVERY Jets fan KNEW the Jets needed WR help desperately, even AFTER Decker was signed.

    HYATT™️, in annual fashion, went down the candidate lists and threw his support behind several prospects - Evans, (out of reach at #18), Moncrief, Bryant, and ESPECIALLY Benjamin - ALWAYS Benjamin, was highlighted in EVERY SINGLE WR discussion post by HYATT™️, as a prospect who COULD be drafted by the Jets at #18.....

    ...IF the Jets were willing to RISK a Rd 1 pick on yet another "Project" player with no more upside than Stephen Hill - though slightly more NFL ready, perhaps.

    To almost a man, (or woman), Jets fans were gun-shy about doing so, based directly on the Hill experiment.

    "We can get him in Rd 2 or Rd 3, because he's raw", was the standard comment.
    99.99% of you ALL said Rd 1 was too high to take Benjamin, that Safety was an even bigger concern in the 2014 draft.

    HYATT™️ sort of disagreed, but also sort of agreed, because Safety WAS a problematic area and the Safety class was much more limited this year than the WR class.
    HYATT™️ reached a compromise with himself, Safety in Rd 1 - Pryor or Bucannon - or if both were off the board, move on to WR & try to draft Southward at Safety later on.

    Even AFTER Pryor was selected, HYATT™️ advocated trading back INTO Rd 1 to go get Benjamin - that's how much faith HYATT™️ had in that particular WR's upside.

    The Alshon Jeffery parallels - ANOTHER HYATT™️ draft prospect brought to this board VERY early in his pre-draft process, when nobody outside the ACC had even heard of him - to Benjamin were QUITE obvious to HYATT™️ & he wasn't the least bit shy about letting anyone and everyone on this board know it - REPEATEDLY, until some of you told HYATT™️ to stick a sock in it because you were tired of hearing about this "next HoF WR" from the football factory, FSU.
    Wasn't the comment "FSU receivers never turn out that good" seen posted MULTIPLE times here?

    Does that make HYATT™️ smarter than everyone else?
    HELL NO!
    HYATT™️ COMPLETELY missed John Brown - never even lQQked at his bio before the draft, that's how badly HYATT™️ missed on THAT guy.
    But on Benjamin, HYATT™️ WAS dead-nutz on the money.

    The problem NOW, is that hindsight is 20/20.

    Sure, NOW Benjamin lQQks like a HoF WR - but THEN, EVERYONE had misgivings, and ESPECIALLY Jets fans who were in the midst of the Stephen Hill experience.

    Pryor WAS the logical Rd 1 pick for the NJJ - because the Safety class was so thin this year.
    Either you take a top Safety in Rd 1 at #18 - if Bucannon, (HYATT™️'s favored upside pick), or Pryor, (HYATT™️'s favored "most NFL-ready pick), fall that fall - or you don't get one this year & have to settle for another Dwight Lowery.
    Notice Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is NOT mentioned in this discussion?
    HYATT™️ would NOT have taken Dix at #18.

    Idzik drafted in the best interests of the Jets team future.
    WR is a position that can be drafted EVERY year.
    Safety - especially Pryor or Bucannon level Safetys - only every 2nd or 3rd draft class.
    Idzik behaved RATIONALLY, and while HYATT™️ the armchair GM WOULD have made the extra effort to go back and snag Benjamin, there's no guarantee such a trade COULD have been made at a reasonable price/cost to the Jets' future.
    For all any of us knows, Idzik DID make an attempt to trade back into Rd 1 for Benjamin and couldn't find a willing trade partner.
    It's not like OTHER GMs couldn't spot genuine WR talent TOO.

    From one of the new Scout board moderators, that came over from JI. jetswin1 and HYATT™️ had an uneasy start, but after a few PMs, HYATT™️ believes we understand each other a lot better now.

    jetswin1 wrote: Amaro is going to be very good imho, and definitely starting over Cumberland, probably before the year is done...McDougle will be no worse than a nickle back next season, if he had not been injured his senior year he would have been a late first rounder, rudimentary research would tell you that. Pryor is already playing well, after being hurt for a significant portion of the summer.
    In what universe?
    5'-10" | 4.50s | 37" vert. MIDGET McDougle was the TWENTY SEVENTH (27th) te-wen-tee-sev-enth - ranked CB in the 2014 draft.
    THAT was an incredible reach, one that simply CANNOT be rationally justified by ANY GM.
    HYATT™️ is no Idzik crucifixion proponent, but that particular pick was quite galling - almost STOOPIT.
    TRIPLY so when the fact that #116 NINTH-RANKED 6'-3" | 4.42s | 39" vert. Keith McGill was STILL on the board AFTER the Jets #104 pick-Saunders AND the Jets pick #115-Evans - is thrown in.

    In what universe does a CB desperate GM draft a midget CB - in this passing league, filled with 6'-2" and taller WRs in depth on EVERY team - over the taller, faster, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound-McGill?
    Not once, passing over McGill, not twice, but THREE times?
    Color HYATT™️ passed out cold on the floor of a meat-packing plant, from shock.

    McGill - OAK - may turn out to be the worst Rd 4 pick in NFL draft history, but it STILL wouldn't justify the analysis that led to picking McDougle at #80.

    A lot of "buyer's remorse" over David Nelson's play this week - and no few people wishing the Jets had kept Stephen Hill - NOW.

    NYJDraftKing wrote:
    HYATT wrote: HYATT™️ asks;
    Where was this insightful analysis of Nelson BEFORE Hill was being drawn and quartered earlier this year?
    You got what you asked for, now LIVE with it.

    Maybe NEXT year, you all will LISTEN when HYATT™️ speaks on piss-poor WRs like Nelson and what could STILL turn out to be a serviceable WR, in Hill.
    I think I was one of the few on this board who was all for Hill.
    Can't say HYATT™️ wasn't losing a little faith in the man at this point, but he was still the best of the worst options, if nothing else.

    The thread title says it all on this one.
    "When is enough ... ENOUGH!!!"

    NYJDraftKing wrote: Why do we keep getting the short end of referee calls? 

    I think its time for us the fan base to make a stink with the NFL office.  

    Its time for our sportswriters like Serby? Mehta? Florio? to do some research IN PRINT on these one way assumed calls ;  on how not one holding call has been called at all on three patchwork O-Lines going against our DL ?
    Whining about officiating is a Mr. Bundchen move.
    Grow a pair and stop it.
    If a team is playing well enough, officiating won't be an issue, even IF is stinks.
    Y'all don't want to be seen as a Tom Brady whiner, do yas?
    NYJDraftKing wrote:  HYATT™️'   ..........If the whinning gets us an additional 2 to 3 wins a season.....  I will take them !!!  Call me a castrated ***** ( Tom Brady-like) but I have been a 40 + year JETS fan ....  I will take a win any way we can get it!!!!
    Whining about officiating will not get the Jets a single extra win.
    (In fact, refs being human it may even COST them a game or two if the fans don't watch it.)
    Sorry 'bout dat, but it's true, none the less.

    "10 reasons why the Jets will finish (6-10) & not (10-6) this season"

    HYATT wrote:
    AA played outstandingly against 2 of the best big wide-outs in the league.
    Ledge jumpers, go ahead and jump because the perfect is the enemy of the good to you.

    MM's play calling, while going away from the run a touch to much, was still 10X better than the best game plan ever called by Brain Son-of-Shitteninhispants. Be THANKFUL for what you got, not what might be possible in heaven after yer DEAD.

    There is ONE problem remaining on this team.
    OL is coming along, secondary is getting better with experience and gelling, the RBs are doing great, there may not be a better DL+LB unit in the NFL, and the HC is a firebrand who - though a touch undisciplined - gets his players ready and up for a brawl EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

    There is just that ONE teeny-tiny problem left to fix on this team, and unfortunately it won't be getting fixed until 2015 at the earliest - when an under-performing Jets team takes a chance on "famous" Jameis Winston with the 11th pick in the 2015 draft.
    (He WILL fall that far, incidentally. QBs with issues are going to be pariahs from now on.)
    While not the perfect answer to the problem, (Winston SHOULD stay in college for another 2 years, but he won't), he'll at least be better than Snatchez or Smith & ENOUGH QB for the Jets to have hope again.
    jets82 wrote:
    So all the problems were talking about aren't problems or not as bad or easily fixable and getting there and this is all on Geno huh? And Winston is the answer? Well I'll stay on the ledge until the Jets (including Geno) prove to me otherwise why I should come off. Winston or no other QB can fix these issues. They dont have anybody to throw to really fix the issues. These are issues that are on both sides of the ball, so this ain't all on Geno.

    You'd be AMAZED at how much changes when a team has a Franchise QB.
    Same players, completely different team, totally unrecognizable from the one that didn't have a Franchise QB.
    It honestly IS that simple.

    (4-12) Jets get a future HoF QB, and start out (8-3) on a trajectory for an AFCC game at a minimum - until he gets hurt in Game 12.
    Then they revert to a (1-3) team.

    Indy WITH Middle Manning - a perennial double digits win team.
    WITHOUT Middle Manning, a (2-14) team.
    Same players, mostly, but no Franchise QB.

    SF with a pair of Franchise QBs - FIVE Super Bowl rings.
    No Franchise QB, a dozen years of desperation, managing to befuddle even an actual potential Franchise QB in Alex Smith, because they were so farked up in the head about not having a Franchise QB.
    8 OCs in 7 years? Seriously? Poor Alex.

    DET, CLE, Trampa, CIN, MIN, St.L, AZ, JAX, BUF, HOU - the list goes on and on and on and on and on....
    No Franchise QB, no good team, regardless of how much talent there is otherwise on that team.
    HYATT™️ shouldn't even have to make this argument, NFL history already has.

    Last but not least, someone made a comment, (it's since been edited out), that Rex should be gone and Dennis Thurman should replace him, at least on an interim basis, to which HYATT™️ added this thoughtful response, BEFORE the comment was removed:

    Dennis Thurman?
    I thought people were tired of "legacy" hires being kept around in spite of their inadequacies?
    The only reason Thurman is still in NJ at all, is because he worked in BAL with Rex.
    BAL made little to no effort to try and keep him around and HYATT™️ can't say Ozzie was an idjut for feeling that way.

    Thurman "improved" the DBs in NJ from 2009-2012?

    Seriously, exactly WHAT part of the secondary did Thurman improve?
    Was Safety not a problem for YEARS?
    Was not the play of CBs stupendously crappy, aside from manna from heaven talent Revis and UFA Cromartie who came in WITH his talent already set to go.

    Now Thurman is the DC & along with DL coach Karl Dunbar, is in charge of WHICH group on the defensive side that is UNDISCIPLINED?
    The DL.
    What everyone is blaming on Rex, is actually a Thurman discipline problem.

    HYATT™️ respects Thurman's career as a player, HYATT™️ respects that he's forgotten more about football, defense in particular, than HYATT™️ could possibly ever learn, but he has NOT demonstrated he is ready to be a HC - not by a long shot.

    Because of a couple of tough losses , everyone is upset, but this back-biting by the fans has to stop.
    It serves no purpose except to make some people feel better for venting, but it is NOT productive, nor is it supportive of the team y'all purport to love.

    Well, something of an "Ask Ketch" effort, (Packers in-house writer who answers fan questions each day with a series of daily columns), so let HYATT™️ know how you feel about this kind of a format for his posting.

    As an aside, SHEESH!
    Those JI people have set back the Jets fan base 6 years.
    WHAT a buncha whiners - reminds HYATT™️ of 2008 when he arrived on the Jets board and SOJ was the by-word of the day EVERY DAY!
    After a couple of years of POUNDING youz guys on the head HYATT™️ got y'all whipped back inta good football fans shape but it was no easy walk in Central Park after dark.
    Now HYATT™️ has to start all over again with a new batch of skool kidz.
    Ah, well, only the good die young, no good deed goes unpunished, and a lonely man wakes up with a solution on his hands - so go the sayings. Very Happy

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