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    2010 redeux

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    2010 redeux

    Post by HYATT™ on Sat 20 Sep 2014 - 20:27

    In 2010 HYATT™ predicted in preseason that the Packers and Jets would meet in the Super Bowl.
    The Jets came within 5 points of making that prediction come true.

    The teams played each other in Week 8 that season, with the Packers coming out on top (9-0) in the Meadowlands on the strength of Magnetshoe Crosbar's (3/4) FG kicking.

    The Packers faced an AFCE opponent, (BUF and the CHI & DET teams) during the opening 4 week stretch that year as well - going (3-1) on their way to a most improbable Super Bowl season. (10-6)

    The Jets (11-5) also played BUF and 2 inter-divisional opponents (MIA & the NEPs), in their opening 4 game stretch of 2010, with similar blow-out results to the Packers-Jills contest & ALSO had a (3-1) record when the dust settled after Week 4 & the NEPs were at the wrong end of that stick for a change.

    This year both the Packers and Jets face CHI & DET in consecutive weeks to close the opening quarter of their NFL season, after having played each other in Week 2.

    Will history repeat itself?
    Will Green Bay and the Jets prevail all the way to their respective Conference Championship games again in 2014?
    Is it possible the Packers and Jets WILL actually meet in this year's Big Dance? (PIT is a shell of it's 2010 self, this time around.)
    Jets fans certainly have SOME reason to hope so.

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