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    Jameis Winston


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    Re: Jameis Winston

    Post by Seaver on Wed 28 Jan 2015 - 11:14

    Superman55 wrote:
    NCgreen12 wrote:I just don't see a franchise guy in him and I've seen him a number of times. In lieu of not getting Mariotta I'd rather spend the pick on offensive line, pass rushing OLB or the receiver position.  

    I dont either.  Someone on another thread compared him to McNair, and I could see that in his game, and I really hope he turns into that level of player fo rus or someone else, but McNair was a very mature kid coming out.  I dont see Winston as a very mature kid...i see him doing whatever he wants to do and a kid that benefited from FSU hiding as many of his misdeeds as possible...hopefully pointdexter is right and he lives a life where he has been completely misunderstood, I just think it's more likely FSU has covered up even more than what we've read.

    not to speak ill of the dead, but Steve McNair is dead today because of poor choices in his personal life..........so is Winston THAT much of a risk? I am thinking no at this point. He won't slide past #2........likely goes to TB.
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    Re: Jameis Winston

    Post by HYATT™ on Fri 13 Feb 2015 - 15:11

    Sarge wrote:So wait, um, you are no longer perceived as completely off? Rolling Eyes
    Only by you Sarge, but then it takes one to know one, right? jocolor

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