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    The Race for the 2015 number one overall draft pick


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    Re: The Race for the 2015 number one overall draft pick

    Post by cysporsche on Mon 8 Dec 2014 - 9:46

    Superman55 wrote:
    NYJETSDAN16 wrote:
    Superman55 wrote:
    NYJETSDAN16 wrote:
    GratefulJet wrote:
    NYJETSDAN16 wrote:Five teams are at 2-11.  Lets be honest, if there was any year to tank a season, these five teams got the memo. IMHO, there is one team out of these five that doesn't need Marcus Mariota just for the mere fact that they already drafted their franchise QB in the 1st round last year in Blake Bortles.

    I doubt the Raiders will spend their 1st on a QB. They have to like the way Carr is playing.

    They're 2-11.  Any new coach that comes in, especially if they have the #1 overall pick will choose to have his own signal caller over a year previous 2nd round pick.
    Mariota has much more upside than Derek carr.  Le;s just hope they stay put at 5 and don't move up.

    ...ummmm, did you see Carr today?  No, they arent drafting a QB to replace Carr and no, Mariota doesn't have more upside than Carr.  Carr already has better footwork, understanding of defenses, and played in a pro offense.

    Mariota needs to sit a season, like Kapernick.  If he plays right away, see RG3.  I like the kid, but his single read spread offense hasn't done him any favors preparing him for the NFL.  

    I think his work ethic will get Mariota where he needs to be successful, and I like the kid, but pretending he's NFL ready is not the case.  

    Ummm, did you see how horrible he looked vs the Rams last week?   Mariota will beast it when he gets a shot in the NFL.  He's in no way a "project" like Geno was. the Raiders are 2-11 and the new regime will have no problem supplanting a 2nd round pick with a stud at the position.
    If the Raiders land the #1 pick especially if Harbaugh is there, there's no question he chooses Marcus.
    As far as you thinking hes not NFL ready due to the spread system he runs at Oregon, i'am just gonna politely state that we can agree to disagree on that one.  Strongly agree to disagree.

    We don't have to strongly disagree.  We all love our college prospects, and if you feel Mariota is a polished NFL ready passer, that's fine.  I think the kid needs a lot of work.  We'll see next spring, whoever gets him.

    On the other side of the argument, Cy has a hard one for Winston, who throws an INT 1 of every 10 passes beyond 5 yards because the kid cant throw a spiral.  But he loves him, I just don't see that working out in the NFL...but he loves his guy.

    I just see natural passers in Carr and Mettenberger that I don't feel QB coaches, scouts, and teams will want to hit reset buttons on after 1 year for the prospects in this draft.  You can disagree.

    I'd like to add Mariota and would be fine with that; but if we add him, I'd like to add a vet to play in front of him a year.   Its okay if you think Mariota is the next Luck or Wilson.  I think he's a prospect that will require patience.  I dont dislike him, but I dont see Andrew Luck or Wilson when he plays, I see the single read option he runs that has a designed run baked into almost every pass play that wont be the case in the NFL.

    But, I'm patient enough to just look forward to seeing what happens when he plays Winston.  we'll see the kid develop over time and see where he lands...but I dont see Peyton or Luck jaw dropping shocked if he isn't a top NFL QB when all is said and done.  But maybe you're right.  We'll see.

    Kevin, If both top QB's are sitting there, I'm going with Mariota over Winston, simply because I'm not sure how Jameis would handle millions of dollars in NYC ? Mariota is a role model guy & teammate. We really won't know anything until the combines .

    Go Jets...Cyborg
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    Re: The Race for the 2015 number one overall draft pick

    Post by Sarge on Mon 8 Dec 2014 - 10:50

    We have to wait to see who the coach is before we figure out which QB is a better fit for the system.....If it's Roman or Bevell, maybe Marriotta is a better fit, if it's Gase or Hamilton, maybe Winston is a better fit. Kubiak might want a veteran, Coach X might want Geno or Vick.

    Of course neither top QB might be there or a 3rd QB might rise up to top 5 pick status

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    Re: The Race for the 2015 number one overall draft pick

    Post by hobson54 on Mon 8 Dec 2014 - 11:09

    Sarge wrote: Coach X might want Geno or Vick.  

    we better not hire Coach X jocolor

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    Re: The Race for the 2015 number one overall draft pick

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